About Us

Pronounced /  “air - riss”  /

Founded in Adelaide, South Australia, in Early 2021.

Our name is derived from the latin word for air, and bears connotations to Earth and love.  We, at Aeris hear you, and see the passion in bettering the mind and body that you were yesterday - and we’d like to be part of your journey in being equipped as you spearhead towards your fitness goals with confidence and consistency - all while giving more than we take from the one Earth that we’ve been blessed with.  

For You,

we dedicate our efforts in providing exceptionally designed activewear built to support, enhance, and push your own drive in becoming the best You that you could be. This resonates with our core value, Growth - where we appreciate, strive towards, and relish being outside one’s comfort zone, allowing a mindset of constant learning. At Aeris Apparel, mistakes are viewed as opportunities not only to create new paths for ourselves towards our goals, but also to further our own understanding as to what makes our brand and our community inherently and holistically exceptional: We are cruelty-free in all aspects of our supply chain, and take full accountability in our need to become more sustainable than we already are - 

For the Earth,

we have committed a core value, Innovation, dedicating concrete efforts in creating a positive trajectory in terms of full SUSTAINABILITY:


Through our partner, OneTreePlanted, we commit to allocating a portion of profits of each product sold towards the global reforestation efforts, a movement to revitalise the flora and fauna in desolate lands ravaged by climate change, urbanisation, natural disaster, and human impact. OneTreePlanted is an environmental charity established in 2014, planting over 10,000,000 trees by the end of 2020; having restored forests after fires and floods, created jobs, built communities, and protected habitat for biodiversity by the end of last year. 

2. Generating waste is NOT an option. 

Innovation comes into play with inventive ways in making the journey of each product from our manufacturing team all the way to the customer’s hands more sustainable. Having created a new consumer and shipping hub where our team is based in South Australia has allowed for full control of our courier packaging. Our compostable mailer bags are sourced from The Better Packaging Co. They are made of corn, and biodegrade within 3-6 months when left in a home compost! The actual Aeris packaging is recyclable, and we encourage its reuse!

3. We have a committed R&D Team for constant improvement.

While our apparel is made of a premium composite of polyester, spandex, cotton, and nylon, designed to be a top-choice in a workout, it is also recyclable. Our Research and Development team spearheads the eventual use of purely eco-friendly material such as bamboo and hemp. We’d love to talk more about sustainability, head on over!

For our community,  our #AerisFamily,

it only works if we all believe in our movement and contribute collectively! Your passion towards achieving your fitness goals is a very contagious bug. Our website and Instagram are catered to show your content shining a spotlight on key figures (yourselves), your journeys, your workout routines! Apart from wearing Aeris, you join our movement by tagging @aeris.apparel , or utilising our #AerisFamily hashtag when posting your inspiring content! Our international community is there to support one-another, provide guidance, encourage, and learn from each other - and you’re all invited, because when we say you’re welcome here, we mean it.