Our Vow to The Earth


We have one Earth, one Opportunity, One United Commitment.

As a start-up, our reach and influence is in its infancy, but as we expand quickly, we’re now to be more accountable than ever in the inevitable environmental repercussions of manufacturing our clothing. We promised cruelty-free, and as such we’re obligated to settle for no less than manufacturers who provide good welfare and working conditions abiding by labour law - an environment free of harassment and discrimination.

What’s happening?

The manufacturing, apparel, and retail industry is no stranger to having been a causal factor to the cumulative human impact that ails our planet. Factory emissions, and the sheer waste produced that has turned fertile and habitable land into greenhouse gas-pits - it’s time to turn these causal factors into controllable ones.

Our partner One Tree Planted has released some captivating illustrations and facts surrounding the issue and their movement; photographs showcasing regions such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Andes, few among many - and were commemorated on the Aeris Instagram platform on Earth Day 2021 (April 22) with an initiative to plant more trees.

What needs to be done?

Being a start-up belonging in the aforementioned industries does NOT absolve us from our obligations to give back, more than we take. 

OneTreePlanted is an environmental non-profit organisation established in 2014, having planted 10,000,000 trees by the end of 2020. The purpose of which is to fulfil the reforestation efforts within desolate land ravaged by human impact, urbanisation, climate change, and natural disaster. For true conservation and a positive trajectory to occur, the six pillars of the environment will need to be balanced. 

What are we doing?

1. Purchases plant trees

This is our vow. Part of the profits of each product purchase plants at least one tree. While a singular tree can benefit each of these six incrementally, a collective effort from that aforementioned 10,000,000 trees is hard-hitter in itself. 

For every tree-planting (US) dollar that is contributed per Aeris Apparel purchase, the following is the approximate breakdown:


This means that as you move forward with your fitness goals with Aeris Apparel, you commit to giving back to this planet. With every sale - you will receive an acknowledgement email from One Tree Planted on our behalf of this commitment. 

2. Waste Management and Carbon Neutrality.

We’ve gotta practice what we preach! Within Australia, we’ve decided to utilise compostable mailer bags from The Better Packaging Co., they’re minimalistic, cool, matte-black pouches that contain your Aeris gear - but the best part’s the fact that they biodegrade in about 3-6 months when left in a home compost! The actual Aeris bags are not only recyclable, but also can be fashionably reused!
The short-term goal before the end of 2021 is for Aeris Apparel to have contributed over US$1000 in reforestation efforts.

Getting the gear to you? We provide options. Urgency for your next cross-fit competition gives you the option of utilising Australia Post’s Express Shipping, while if you don’t mind waiting just a tiny bit longer before you smash your glutes, we happily (and actually encourage) suggest using Sendle, for a 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery 

- because we’re firm believers of Sendle’s green ethos where sending a parcel shouldn’t cost the Earth.

3. Growth Means We Can Do More

Sure, growth as a company is fantastic, because a larger war chest allows one to wage a more advantageous edge towards our battle against climate change. With constant growth in mind we have a dedicated R&D team that’s all hands on deck figuring out ways to streamline our operations in keeping the Earth’s and its occupants’ wellbeing at its core. Fully compostable in-house packaging and manufacturing material such as bamboo and hemp are at the forefront of our sustainability projects.

4. Supply Chain Accountability

Our supply chain consists of both manufacturers based within Australia and also China. We only work with manufacturers who abide by the ILO and UDHR to ensure that our products are 100% child labour and cruelty free. Aeris Apparel is striving hard to ensure it remains a progressive brand that wants to leave the world a better place than it was through sustainable and ethical forms of business practices.

To give you further information about our manufacturing practices and safety culture, all our manufacturing plants overseas are accredited with annual audits by FDA, CE, UL, BSCI, ISO, GS, EN71, RoHS & REACH & SGS. These creditors ensure that our supply chain conforms with international safety & human rights practices. The stated accreditors are all internationally based across the US, EU and as well as locally within Australia to consistently ensure best practices.

We hold ourselves at a high standards and would opt out of organisations within any point of our supply chain that does not meet international standards and requirements. We know we are responsible for keeping ourselves and our supply chain accountable and we work hard everyday to ensure that!